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Advance Notice – Seeking Expressions of Interest

To mark the 55th Anniversary of the first Irish military deployment to UNFICYP, McKee Officers Club is proposing to conduct an 11 day tour to Cyprus over the period 11 to 21 October 2019.  The broad planning concept for this proposed tour is for direct flights ex Dublin to and from Paphos Cyprus with a tour base in Larnaca from which day tours will be organised. These tours will include visits to and briefing at HQ UNFICYP Nicosia (c/w Green Line Tour) and other locations of interest to Irish personnel including, Skouriotisa, Xeros, Limnitis and Famagusta. The tour will also include one overnight stay in Kyrenia and conclude with 3 overnights in Paphos.

ARCO Members are invited to participate in this commemorative event and may be accompanied by spouse, partner or guest.

An advance notice, which provides additional information, is attached HERE.

Please note that in order to gauge the number of participants, ARCO members are requested to advise the Honorary Secretary, McKee Officer Club, of their interest by e-mail to secmckeeclub@gmail.com not later than 30 June 2019.

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McKee Officers Club

Officer Clubs and Associations. Many clubs and associations exist to continue the camaraderie experienced and enjoyed during service in the Defence Forces. Some of these cater for serving and retired officers of the PDF and RDF and include the Cavalry Club, Artillery Club, and Supply & Transport Club, which have club rules and are run by committees. Other looser social arrangements exist whereby serving and retired officers are invited by GOCs or Corps Directors to attend annual social events and dinners. Despite the challenges brought about by the recent restructuring of the Defence Forces and the integration and downsizing of the RDF, these clubs continue to facilitate the sharing of service experiences between retired and serving comrades. Importantly, they serve a special need by encouraging social contact among retired officers and other former colleagues.

McKee Officers’ Club. Uniquely amongst these clubs is McKee Officers’ Club whose membership is drawn from retired officers from both the Permanent and Reserve Defence Force. It is in essence a social club with an active social programme. Originally it was established to enable retired officers, who during their service had served in McKee Barracks or had been members of McKee Officers’ Mess, to continue their associate membership of that mess. At its November 2012 AGM the club changed its rules so that membership of McKee Officers' Club is now available to all retired commissioned officers who served in the Eastern Command or Eastern Brigade areas. This consolidated the fallout from Defence Forces' reorganisations over recent years, which included the change from Commands to Brigade areas, DFHQ relocation to Newbridge and in Nov 2012 the introduction of the two brigade organisational structure.

The Council of McKee Officers’ Club has sought the assistance of ARCO to advise all retired officers of the changes to its membership rules and ARCO is pleased to post this information on its website.

Retired officers interested in joining the club should contact the Hon Sec McKee Officers' Club, Col. Dermot J. Conway (Retd), at derconway@yahoo.co.uk.

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