Payment of Military Pensions by cheque

ARCO members will be aware from a previous posting on this website that Payable Orders (i.e. the payment of pensions by cheque) will be abolished from 30 August 2013 under the Public Service Reform Plan. After that date public service pensions will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only and no other facility will be available for doing so. All government departments and public bodies are implementing this decision.

Individual contact by Pensions Payment Section of the Department of Defence has already been made with the small number of military pensioners who are still being paid by Payable Order. In order to ensure the continued payment of pensions when Payable Orders cease to issue, Pensions Payments Section has sought their banking account details from those concerned. The cut off date is just a few weeks away and ARCO has been advised that the ‘closedown’ date for the September pension payroll is 12/13 of that month.

If members are aware of anyone who, for whatever reason, has not yet moved to EFT, please encourage them to make the necessary arrangements with Pensions Payments Section. This will ensure their pension can be paid by EFT in September. The options in that regard are set out in the correspondence that was sent to them. Anyone who needs to discuss the details with Pensions Payments Section should contact Martin Hughes at 091-743811.

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