Our New Website is Live

Launch of Redesigned Website – April 2020

ARCO communicates with its members by e mail, text-a-message and postings on its website.

Our redesigned website has just been launched and its site map may be viewed here

The project was undertaken by ARCO’s Web Master, Dermot Kelly and its Web Manager, Commandant Billy Campbell (Retd).

The EXCOM is grateful to Dermot for his professionalism, dedication and commitment, and thanks him for his continued support and assistance to the Association.

The redesigned website provides an easily accessed on-line reference point for communicating on a wide range of matters of interest to our members and to the wider veterans’ community. 

Website Enhancement

ARCO’s redesigned website includes a user-friendly search engine facility. This will eventually be linked to social media platforms.  The software enables us to tailor the website to meet our specific needs and allows information to be edited, managed and stored. 

The website also allows members and interested parties to contact ARCO’s elected officers and provides links to a range of external sites.

The EXCOM welcomes observations and suggestions.



11 April 2020

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