Objectives of Our Association

The objectives of ARCO, as laid down in its RULES, are as follows:

  • To continue to foster the fellowship established during service in the PDF.
  • To promote, safeguard and protect the interests of members and the spouses of deceased members.
  • To advise and help, within capability, the members and spouses in the areas of pensions and related matters.
  • To establish and maintain contact with Organisations catering for the retired.
  • To progress Annual Meetings with the General Staff, Department of Defence (DOD) and the Representative Association of Commissioned Officers (RACO).
  • To contribute to the Department of Defence Veterans Policy when established.
  • To provide a member of ARCO’s Executive Committee to the CAOGA Board of Management.
  • To do all such things as set out in the above objectives while maintaining a positive image of the Association that is in keeping with the ethos of the membership.
Association of Retired Commissioned Officers