‘Jadotville was a picnic compared to this’.

Here is a story to lift the heart and the soul in these dark days. It’s about Tom Gunn, an 82 year old retired member of the Defence Forces who served in the Congo and survived the Siege of Jadotville. Very recently Tom survived another battle. This time it was with COVID-19 and took place in the Regional Hospital, Mullingar.   

Tom Gunn was interviewed on Newstalk this morning, Sunday 05 April 2020. The following is a link to the interview and podcast of Tom’s inspiring story: https://www.newstalk.com/news/jadotville-picnic-compared-82-year-old-tom-gunn-surviving-coronavirus-995121

Tom is a member of the Mullingar Branch of ONE and was the machine gunner at Jadotville. He is originally from County Tipperary and was taught to drive in the Army by the Dad of one of our members, Lt Col Ollie Barbour.

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