COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, is a new viral respiratory illness that can affect your lungs and airways.  Ireland’s first case of coronavirus was confirmed on 29 February 2020.

The Government remains proactive in implementing measures to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19.

ARCOIreland’s members are encouraged to follow the Government’s advice, keep informed of developments regarding COVID-19 by means of official websites and credible social media platforms, and maintain active communications with members of their respective Cadet Class, or Potential Officers Class.

In particular, the Executive Committee urges all ARCOIreland members to muster appropriate support, and where necessary coordinate medical intervention, for vulnerable or isolated Defence Forces veterans, and spouses of deceased personnel, residing in their locality.

In the prevailing environment, ARCOIreland salutes the Defence Forces whose primary focus, in the near to medium term, is supporting the Government and the Health Service Executive by means of providing capabilities in areas such as planning, tracing, testing and driving.

Government Response

For detailed information on the Government’s response to COVID-19, go to:

Health Service Executive Information

The HSE’s website provides information such as: symptoms, protecting yourself and others, self-isolation and social interaction.

HSE Hotline: 1850 241 850

HSE’s COVID-19 Poster: Click HERE.

Citizens Information

Information is also available on the Citizens Information Website


A downloadable PDF copy of this posting is available HERE.


Stay Safe – Protect Yourself and Others


Executive Committee

16 March 2020

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