Executive Committee

The structure of the Executive Committee provides for two representatives from the Eastern, Southern, Western and DFTC regional areas, coupled with two representatives from both the Naval Service and Air Corps.  Members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Association’s Annual General Meeting.  The Executive Committee’s regional representatives ensure efficient communications and accurate expression of members’ needs.  Convening on a monthly basis, the Executive Committee’s tenure of office is for one year.  In order to maintain its profile and to inform its membership, Regional Meetings are held during a year and are rotated in major Defence Forces barracks.

Appointments October 2019 – September 2020


President Brig Gen Paul Pakenham
Vice President Col George Kerton
Honorary Secretary Lt Col Joe Ahern
Honorary Treasurer Lt Col Richard Cummins
Honorary Membership Secretary Col Richard Heaslip                                                                  
Immediate Past President Cmdr Gerry O’Flynn (NS)
Eastern Region Capt Philip Quinlan & Comdt Billy Campbell
Southern Region Col William Harrington & Lt Col Michael Baston
Western Region Brig Gen Gerry McNamara & Col Senan Downes
Curragh Region Col Con McNamara & Lt Col Seamus Rouine
Naval Service Region Cmdr Gerry Flynn (NS) & Capt David Barry (NS)
Air Corps Region Brig Gen Paul Fry & Capt Ray Bonar
CAOGA Col Sean Scanlon
Defence Forces Benevolent Fund Brig Gen Liam MacNamee
Newsletter Col Declan Carbery
Col Bill Nott
Comdt Pat Godfrey
Capt Ray Murphy
Comdt Pat Casey