Citizens Information Online during COVID-19

The Citizens Information website,, which is referred to frequently in our updated Family Support Booklet (our booklet also includes a Personal Affairs Checklist), provides fast and easy access to comprehensive information on rights and entitlements. The website covers a wide range of subjects and services of interest to our members including: health, entitlements for older people, social welfare, money and tax, and much more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you will find comprehensive, timely and authoritative information on the Citizens Information website at health/covid19 and daily updates on what’s changed on its Twitter account at @citizensinfo. You can also access information and advice from their information officers through one of the following channels:

Relate, the journal on developments in social services, policy and legislation in Ireland, is published by Citizens Information. If you would like to receive Relate by email you can subscribe by sending an email with the subject line SUBSCRIBE to including your name.

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