Become a Member

Being a Member

ARCO’s membership is drawn from retired commissioned officers of the Permanent Defence Force.

Members subscribe to adhering to the Association’s Rules, and supporting the Association’s Aim and Objectives.

Individuals are formally elected to membership by the Executive Committee.

The direction of ARCO’s policy and affairs, subject to the provisions of the Association’s Rules, is vested in the membership of the Association, as expressed in motions adopted at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

The membership is in the region of 850, representing a modest percentage of retired commissioned officers.  70% of the membership is fully retired, and 30% continue to work following retirement from the Defence Forces.

Membership Benefits

Encourages and fosters the unique fellowship and comradeship established during military service, whilst retaining the values and ethos of the Defence Forces.

Provides continuity of formal representation for officers on retirement from Óglaigh na hÉireann, and a strong collective voice to advocate on behalf of all members. 

Enhances the credibility, influence and integrity of the Association.

Promotes, defends and protects the rights, interests, quality of life, services, and welfare of retired officers, and eligible spouses or civil partners.

Facilitates mutual support, networking opportunities and social occasions, for retired officers and for those who remain active in the workplace, thus maintaining a fruitful bond with colleagues in sharing talents and interests for their common benefit.

Facilitates an active involvement in the governance of the Association, including voting rights at Annual General Meetings.

Provides the opportunity of supporting the Association’s Aim and Objectives, and actively participating in the Association’s activities and projects.

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription is charged to cover administration costs, and activities and projects approved by the Executive Committee.

Currently, the membership subscription is €25.  Nevertheless, this  will increase to €30 with effect from 01 August 2020.

ARCO’s membership subscriptions are due annually on 01 August.  However, for those with military pension entitlement, the subscription is deducted from the March payment of military pensions.  For those members not in receipt of a military pension, the subscription is paid by arrangement through an annual standing order drawn on the individual’s personal bank account.

Application Process

All commissioned officers on retirement from Óglaigh na hÉireann, or those who have taken early retirement and remain active in the workplace, are invited and encouraged to apply for membership of ARCO.

ARCO must remain representative, relevant, and viable into the future.

Your membership is a critical component in developing and strengthening the Association, and ensuring an authoritative voice.

The ARCO Membership Application Form can be downloaded here: Individual Membership Form.

This form incorporates an authorisation for payment of the annual subscription from the applicant’s military pension.  For non-pension applicants, the subscription is paid by bank standing order in consultation with ARCO’s Honorary Treasurer. 

In accordance with ARCO’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy, the retention and usage of the personal information provided on the Membership Application Form will be used solely for the purpose of membership and subscription records, and for communications including the text-a-message service. 

Completed application forms should be returned to: ARCO FREEPOST, PO Box 10414, Freepost F4129, Dublin 6W.

Election of Members

Applications for membership will be formally presented by the Honorary Membership Secretary to a meeting of the Executive Committee for approval, or otherwise. 

Subsequently, the Honorary Membership Secretary will inform all applicants if their membership application has been approved. 

In this communication, newly elected members will be advised of their registration on the ARCO Text Alert system, together with the availability of further information from ARCO’s website such as ARCO’s Rules, activities, projects, pension related matters, and topical issues. 

New members are also informed of alternative payment options for the annual subscription, if unable to avail of an annual deduction from the member’s military pension.

Association of Retired Commissioned Officers