Activities of Our Association

We assist our members by engaging in activities such as:

  • Charitable. Annual grant to Defence Forces Benevolent Fund – Officers.
  • Health. Medical articles in our Newsletter.
  • Education. The annual award of a sword and miniature to the best Cadet in the Military and Air Corps Colleges and the Fleet Telescope and miniature to the best Cadet in the Naval Service College.
  • Welfare. Access to Defence Forces Personnel Support Services.
  • Sport. Presentation of ARCO trophies on an annual basis to the Brigade Golf Societies.
  • Communication. Dissemination of information and contact with members through a Spring and Autumn Newsletter.
  • Leisure Activities. Organise walks and tours.
  • CAOGA. Observer status on Board of Management.

In pursuing members' interests the President and Executive Committee meet annually with the General Staff, the Secretary-General, Department of Defence, and the Representative Association of Commissioned Officers. Meetings are also held with the Organisation of National Ex-Service Men and Women from time to time to discuss matters such as the development of a Veterans Policy and other areas of mutual interest.

Association of Retired Commissioned Officers