ONE: Veterans Resource Hub and New Website

ONE has launched a GoFundMe Appeal for donations to assist it in creating a new website which is an essential element of its long-term strategy. It hopes to raise 2,000 euro via this LINK.

ARCO members are encouraged to donate to this very worthy appeal.

The Organisation of National Ex-Servicemen and Women (ONE) has 36 Branches and 3 Area Councils. It is developing 15 Veteran Support Centres countrywide. ONE has hostels for homeless veterans in Athlone, Dublin and Letterkenny and is in the process of developing two further hostels in the south of country, the first of which is a five-bedroom hostel in Cobh in tandem with the Veteran Support Centre there.

Younger members of ONE and potential members want a resource hub, they want access to training and networking opportunities and they want to foster a sense of community outside of the Defence Forces.

An important element of building a better, stronger, and more inclusive organisation is a fully functional and updated website. (ARCO has recently updated its own website.) This requires investment to ensure the site not only services its current and future needs, but also provides potential corporate partners with an insight into the vital work of the organisation. The creation of this new website will allow ONE to communicate its story and increase its visibility. 

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