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The Executive Committee of the Association of Retired Commissioned Officers has considered the recent statement by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform in relation to the government’s decision to commence the restoration of Public Service Pension Reductions.

ARCO congratulates the Alliance of Retired Public Servants in achieving this on behalf of its members. While acknowledging this as a step in the right direction, ARCO is aware that the objective of the full restoration of service pensions remains to be achieved. 

This, along with negotiating rights for public service pensioners and a strategy to address the need for real pension increases will continue to be the guiding principle for the Alliance, of which ARCO is a founding member.

Pension Restoration

Following on from consultations with representatives of The Alliance of Retired Public Servants, of which ARCO is a member, the Government has announced an easing in Public Service Pension Reductions.

The changes provide for some restoration of pension income on a phased basis over three years as follows:

1 January 2016 – return of €400 to most PSPR-impacted pensioners

1 January 2017 – return of €500 to most PSPR-impacted pensioners

1 January 2018 – return of €780 to most PSPR-impacted pensioners

The full statement on the matter from the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform may be read here.

Pay Talks Update – 28 February 2013

Members of ARCO will be aware that following intensive and protracted negotiations between the ICTU and the Government, conducted under the auspices of the Labour Relations Commission (LRC), proposals were placed before the parties on Monday last, 25 February. These may be viewed by means of the following link; http://www.lrc.ie/documents/2013/LRC%20Proposals%20_FINAL.pdf

Paragraph 2.31 of the LRC document specifically relates to the potential implications for existing public service pensions above €32,500 per annum. Paragraph 2.28 states that detailed guidance and circulars on the measures proposed in relation to what it terms ‘higher remuneration’ will be prepared. It has to be assumed that similar guidance in relation to pension adjustments will also be issued.

In the meantime uncertainty and indeed confusion, as reflected in media coverage of the issue, exists on the specific impact these proposals will have on the pensions of our members.  As a result of discussions ARCO has had with the Department of Defence, RACO and other contacts it is clear that the full arrangements for the application to existing pensioners of this agreement have yet to be worked out and this may take some time.

Further updates will be posted as information becomes available.

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The Pay Talks

The Defence Sector pay talks, which are being conducted as part of the extension to the Croke Park Agreement, are currently underway at the Labour Relations Commission.  The Official Side is made up of representatives of the Military Authorities, Department of Defence and Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, with RACO and PDFORRA making up the Representative Side.

It has been confirmed that if an agreement is reached it will include three elements:

  • Savings from the productivity area e.g. allowances, premium payments etc.
  • Generally applied pay reduction measures.
  • Cuts to existing pensions decided by Government.  

The Representative Side has been pressing at every meeting for full information of all three elements to be provided as part of the process.  It considers this clarity essential, not least to allow members to make career decisions based on complete information.

At the suggestion of the Facilitator it was agreed that the Defence Sector talks would be adjourned until such time as the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform is in a position to give details of the pay reduction measures that it proposes for application across the public service as a whole. The talks are due to reconvene on Friday, 22 February.

Further updates will be posted as they develop.

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