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2011 AGM Summary

The 17th ARCO Annual General Meeting took place in the Defence Forces School of Catering on Saturday 1st October 2011.  The Executive Committee elected for the coming year is as follows:

President:  Col Brian O’Connor          

Vice President:  Brig Gen Liam Mac Namee   

Hon Secretary:  Lt Col Joe Ahern            

Hon Treasurer:  Lt Col Richard Cummins           

Hon Membership Secretary:  Col Dick Heaslip

Eastern Region Representatives

Col Mick Lucey (Subsequently retired; Comdt Mick Delaney co-opted)

Comdt Billy Campbell                                            

Southern Region Representatives

Lt Col Seán Scanlon


Western Region Representatives

Brig Gen Gerry McNamara

Col Senan Downes                                             

DFTC  Regional Representatives

Col Dick Heaslip                                             

Col Con McNamara                                       

Naval Service Regional Representatives

Capt (NS) Charlie O’ Donnell

Lt Cdr Peter Dunne                                            

Air Corps Regional Representatives

Lt Col Richard Cummins

Capt Ray Bonar

The AGM was briefed on the review that had been conducted by ARCO.  Issues addressed in the review include the Association’s future Strategy, Structures and Activities.  A total of 930 retired officers were surveyed.  Responses were received from forty-five percent, including 136 non-members.  More than 80 serving officers were also consulted at pre-retirement courses.  The findings proposed new priorities for ARCO: these are Pensions, Information Dissemination, Representation, Health Services and Social Welfare issues.  The development of an enhanced web site and a new electronic means of communication were seen priorities. 

As a result of work conducted by the Executive Committee a new Vision, Mission, Objectives and Goals are proposed for ARCO.  A rules sub committee will be established in the coming year to review and make proposals, which will be presented at next years AGM for the approval of members.  ARCO is also developing a financial plan to advance its new priorities and to this end it was proposed that the annual subscription be raised by 10 euro to 25 euro per annum to accommodate these changes.  The meeting agreed to this increase with immediate effect.

A full account of the AGM proceedings will appear in the Spring Newsletter.

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